Outdated DVD's About Korea and Taiwan

My name is Daniel. I was an English teacher in Seoul, South Korea, and am now a writer who has
published three books including South Korea: Our Story by Daniel Nardini.
                         Like books, I am a fan of collecting Dvd’s (digital video discs). My biggest interest
is collecting historic doc-umentaries especially related to East Asia and sometimes to America. Of course,
I can find a lot of Dvd’s on American history and culture here in the United States. It goes to reason. On
East Asia……………it really depends on the country. Without question I can find the most Dvd’s on China.
China is the big hot topic for those Americans who have any interest in East Asia. The company I buy
Dvd’s from has an extremely large assortment on just about anything you can think of on China. The
next country in East Asia where there are a LOT of Dvd’s on is Japan. There are a lot of Dvd’s on Japan’s 
history, society, and strangely enough its martial arts. I guess this should come as no surprise—many
Americans like to go to Japan and visit and even live in this country. So up-to-date Dvd’s on China and
Japan is quite pre-valent. When it comes to anything on other East Asian countries the assortment goes
way down. I found out that there are a lot of Dvd’s on Korea, but 80 percent of them are on the Korean
War. What is left over are Dvd’s of Korean movies and maybe doc-umentaries about North Korea. There
are no doc-umentaries on South Korea, and no doc-umentaries about South Korean history or economic
rise or anything about the Korean people themselves in modern times. On Taiwan there is almost nothing
at all (note: I did find one Dvd on Taiwan’s highest mountain Alishan, but that was an exception). 
There was nothing on Mongolia, nothing on Southeast Asia except on the Vietnam War, and very few Dvd’s 
on India (although that is growing). if this sounds disheartening, America has a long history of
having been isolated from the rest of the world and having tried to stay out of wars and military
alliances for 150 years since the founding of the republic. before World War II, this had been the case.
if anything, the connection America had with the most is the American continent followed by
Europe. I have been able to find a lot of Dvd’s on Mexico, Central America and on South America.
And of course, there are a LOT of Dvd’s on various countries in Europe like Great Britain, France,
Germany, Poland, Russia, Ireland, etc. This does NOT mean that Americans do not want to know
about the world, but like everything else it takes time for Americans to comprehend how big the
world is.